Bluestone Asset Manager Ltd

Bluestone Merchant Fund Ltd

a Mauritius based trade finance fund

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Bluestone Merchant Fund Ltd (“the Fund”) is a public company, limited by shares and  incorporated under the laws of Mauritius. The Fund holds a Global Business License issued by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission and has been authorized as a collective investment scheme with multi-class share capital structure classified as an Expert Fund under the Securities Act 2005 and the Regulations.

The Investment case

Currently commercial banks have significantly reduced their appetite in trade finance.This is especially true for small and medium sized trading houses.

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The Investment policy

The borrowers are trading houses which buy, store and/or transport commodities and resell the same goods.

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The Investment objective

Bluestone Merchant Fund Ltd is a Mauritius based open-ended fund whose objective is to achieve capital appreciation of about 7 % p.a.  

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The Investment Advisor

For deal sourcing, the Investment Manager shall use the services of MFT Services S.A. (“the Investment Advisor”)

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Bluestone Asset Manager Ltd is a Mauritius company formed in 2020 in order to address the increasing liquidity shortage witnessed in trade finance and help small to mid-size trading companies continue to carry out their commercial activity despite a deteriorating business environment.

Because of new regulations worldwide and growing risk aversion, the trade finance banks have in recent years adopted an increasingly conservative approach that translates into higher equity, profitability and compliance requirements to grant credit lines.


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