For institutional investors who need greater control and customisation


Many investors need an investment account that is overseen by an investment manager working on a specific strategy such as Trade Finance but who can be managed without having to be involved in the mutual fund.

The managed account structure allows Bluestone Asset Manager Ltd to set up an independent and dedicated fund for the investors who need specific requirements such as Sharia, minimum return strategy, geographic focus, etc. 


Depending on the investor requirements and circumstances, a managed account can have a number of potential benefits including:


Convenience - The investor agrees on a specific investment objective with Bluestone Asset Manager Ltd

Tailor made management - Specific legal or structural strategies can be managed by Bluestone Asset Manager Ltd

Agility - managed accounts offer the advantages of dynamic asset allocations, allowing Bluestone Asset Manager Ltd to take advantage of emerging opportunities and manage risk

Custodian - The Investor can choose where the custody of the assets is located (UAE, Luxembourg, etc...)





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